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How are you different than other business plan writing services?

There are many business plan writing firms and software that can help you write your own business plan. What makes us different is that other firms pass your plan to writers abroad, or recent MBA graduates. We understand that this method is cost effective, but it is not effective for our clients. That is why we use a balanced team of experienced consultants, serial entrepreneurs, and financial experts to help create the perfect plan, aligned with your specific business goals. Moreover, we work hard to ensure that your company has everything required to succeed, from investment support, private placement memorandums, investor introductions, or anything else that you may require for reaching your maximum potential.

What is your procedure for new business plans?
  • Communication: We schedule a phone call to discuss the initial needs your business with an experienced consultant. Our team asks questions based on your funding goals and future objectives to determine the best method of structuring the plan. This step is continued through the entire business planning process and you can contact your team at any time to request advice or discuss the progress of your plan.
  • Research: This process consists of drawing upon our subscriptions to over thirty global market research databases, industry reports and government data. It also includes an analysis of your key competitors and positioning in the market. We provide you a summary of all the market research we acquire so that you may also use it for your internal strategic initiatives and effective decision making.
  • Development: When we have all required information from your business and have conducted market research, our team collaborates to build the plan. First our finance expert creates a financial model and valuation with all financial statements. Then our business strategy consultant creates a marketing plan and communicates the strategic positioning of your firm. Finally a business planning expert brings everything together and communicates it in a method that is highly targeted to achieve your business objectives.
  • Support: Unlike our competitors that provide limited support, we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the plan and offer unlimited revisions. You can call at any time to request a change to be made on the business plan and a team member will make the desired changes.
How do you ensure confidentiality?

Confidentiality is extremely important to everyone at Pro Business Plans. We provide non- disclosure agreements to all our clients to ensure that their information is protected.

What’s the success rate of your business plans?

The answer to this question depends on many factors other than the business plan itself. There are many small business plan writing services that will cite amazing investment success percentages, however, there is no way of tracking the “success” of a given business plan. Investors are not just investing in the business plan. Investors consider management experience, risks, rewards, valuation of the business model in the future, market environment, and several other factors. Read more about these screening factors on our blog post.

Do you have experience writing plans for my industry?

We have experience in most major industries around the world. We have created business plans ranging from farming business plans to café business plans, to small business plans for manufacturing, to E-business and retail. Using industry research from IBIS World, MarketLine and Plunkett gives us access to every industry classification.

How do you compare against your competition?

There are many other business plan writing companies available online, but their teams generally lack direct experience in investment banking, immigration, and private equity. In fact, they mostly have basic accounting and writing skills, which are reflected in the quality of the work received. Pro Business Plans is more comparable to investment banks and top consulting firms in terms of quality and expertise. The main difference between investment banks, consulting firms, and Pro Business Plans, is that Pro Business plans does not charge outrageous fees due to a lack of a myriad of senior partners, and a complex operating structure that passes high overhead onto the respected client. In fact, many large consulting firms are moving towards the lean operating model of Pro Business Plans.

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